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Reserving 20 Glebe Street

Faculty Club members are able to reserve part of the first floor of 20 Glebe Street for meetings and other events.  Typically, these reservations should not interfere with normal club hours, meaning that reservations are normally taken anytime before 11, between 1 and 4, and after 6.  In order to make sure that our members always have access to the kitchen, we do not reserve the large dining room.  Please email for availability.

For all events, you will need to fill out a Room Reservation Request.  If alcohol is being served, please fill out an Alcohol Management Form, which conforms to the College's Alcohol Management Policy.

If you would like to serve alcohol at your event, you need to have a TIPS-certified person present for its entirety.  If you hire a bartender, please make sure that person is certified (and turn in a copy of the certification with your alcohol-management plan).